Saturday, 27 August 2016

Long Lost Friend

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Back to 2004 and 2005. It was 11 years ago. I've a friend named A.H.A.J (acronym to his name). I bet most my friends during that time knew him and compared to other friends, I was a bit late to know him. When I entered secondary school (SMK Balung), I don't have any friend and I don't even recognized anyone at my age because most of my friends continued their studies at SMK Wakuba. (actually my name was listed in the school but I moved out to other school). On the 1st day of school, it was very awkward environment until I met him on the next day. It was a big relieved for me to found someone who's I known during my primary school (standard 6) but the thing is we're not so closed during that time (primary school, 2004). So, after 1 week new student orientation was done, both of us got to enter the same class (1F). We've became classmates and I still remembered that I'm sitting next to him. Another big relieved for me.

Day by day, we've became close. Any co-curriculum activities in the school we'll joined together like school camping and scout. After 2nd semester break started, we're not contact with each other until the school opened (2006). We're still in the same class but not sitting together anymore. I don't even know what is going on in our friendship and then a few days later, I and several other classmates moved to another class (2E) because of our examination result last year was probably good (I think so).But since then, we're barely talk and never hangout together. It's like I'm with my world and he with his world. Besides, I'm trying to get along with my new classmates and when we passed each other, both of us will give an awkward smile or just lifting hand. 

In year 2007, I don't saw him anymore at the school and I was totally don't even know where does he go. Day by day, week after week, month after month changes into years we'd not seen each other. Actually, a few years ago, I tried to find him by myself but I've never found anything and I had never ask anything with my friends about him. Today, when I saw him on Facebook, I recalled all the memories together with him and I realizing how bad I'm as his friend back to 11 years ago. I'm so sorry not able to be a good friend to you, guide and help you when you really need me. But now you've became a father, a handsome father to your son and your wife. I believe and knew that you will be a good father to your son and a responsible husband to your wife. I hope to see you again and I hope you and your family life blessed by Allah S.W.T. Aamiin. 

Dedicate to you, long lost friend (A.H.A.J).


  1. Awang herry awang james . . Classmate yg pmalu x bnyk ckp . .tp duk sblah dya . . MasyaAllah . . Bechokk . . Rindu form1 . . Hehehe

  2. Awang herry awg james . .c pndiam n pmalu lau x silap laa . . Tp sblah dya adoiii .. hahahaa . . Klu laa bley d kmpul kmbali classmate form 1F nie . . Xtaw laaa . . Hhuhuh

    1. Hahahaha. Masih ingat juga dengan dia. Aku mana ada becok betul, biasa-biasa ja tu. Kau trylah kumpul semuanya kalau dapat.

  3. Matai laa . . Mna laa aq ingat en.addy . . Hehehehe . . Smpai ke tua ndak tkmpul hehehe

  4. i got the same situation as you got.
    but mine is a little bit different.
    i was moved out to the new school when i was 12.
    i met him because he is our classmate.
    in the class, i seat in front of him.
    after a year being best buddy ever.
    then finish school with a lot of memories to be remember.

    after that, we met at secondary school but with a very awkward moment ever.
    he seems like doesn't excited and happy at all when i greet him.
    he changed all of sudden.
    so after a month trying to get him back, i decided to move on with some others friend.
    nahh five years in the same school was so hard to me.
    the end. hahaha

    tapi kitorang still kawan sampai sekarang cuma the way he act like he never know me before.

    *sorry semakkan ruangan komen addy =='

    1. No. I'm glad that you're sharing your story with me. Biasalah kan, adat berkawan. Ada yang pergi dan ada yang kekal. Apa pun, kita doakan yang terbaik untuk mereka.

  5. I had a long lost friend too. So close. Dia pindah sekolah waktu tu and then dah tak dapat cari langsung.

    1. Takpalah Lala. Doakan saja yang terbaik untuk long lost friend kita semua. Biarpun tak jumpa dah, at least, we have wonderful memories with them. Kan.