Friday, 19 August 2016

Zalora Faux Leather Woven Loafers

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Today is a good news from Zalora for young men out there who is a classic lover, these partially woven faux leather loafers are a definite favourite among gents especially during their days off. This pair from ZALORA is a wonderful escape from the confines of your stiff work shoes. Slip-ons are just the thing if you’re looking for some nice casual shoes to wear with jeans and shorts. 

The material for upper, inner and out-sole are using synthetic leather which makes your feet feel more comfortable and stylish at the same time. Besides, Zalora also do an amazing job by adding height (2.5 cm)  for the heel at the back. These loafers provided in 2 color which are black and brown. The original price is RM149.00 and now, Zalora is giving discount to any selected items as Malaysia Turns 59 for the upcoming independence day this year. So, come on and quickly visit Zalora Malaysia website and buy Zalora Faux Leather Woven Loafer: Brown for RM69.00  (54%) and Zalora Faux Leather Woven Loafer: Black for RM99.00 (34%) while stocks last. Have a blast day, guys. Bye.


  1. Salam, saya ada baca post yang pasal BA in Public Relations 2 tahun lepas tu (jumpa dekat google, huhu). Saya ada soalan, harap encik dapat membalas cmmnt ni secepat mungkin. Terima kasih.

    1. Soalan apa tu nak tanya ya ? Kalau boleh, comment dekat link ni. Thank you.