Wednesday, 7 September 2016

It's Him, Dre Drexler

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Okay, if you have already read on my previous entry, I've introduced a famous lifestyle YouTuber which is Dre Drexler with you guys and I also have mentioned about a surprise, right ? So, now I'm going to tell you guys what is my surprise really is. *drum roll* The surprise is Dre Drexler was replied my messages that I'd sent to him on last Saturday (actually I was DM him first through Instagram) and I didn't expect that he will replying my messages as soon as possible. Look on what he replied:

Sorry for my broken English and if you noticed, actually there's a missing "fan" word on the second sentence. Hahaha. Shame on me (I need to improve my English). I'm really sorry, Dre but I'm pretty sure that you really understand what I'm trying to say, right ? Hahahaha. On the other hand, thank you Dre for replying my messages. But what I never thought was his height just approximately same as mine (but still he's taller 2 inches than me). I really thought that he's probably around 6'0 feet tall but actually he wasn't. Oh, by the way, we're at the same age and he's already been married. Okay, that's all I want to share and I hope you guys enjoyed my surprise today. Have a good day everyone. Goodbye for now.

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