Thursday, 8 September 2016

Long Lost Friend II

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Long Lost Friend II

Yeah, it's almost 3 years we actually didn't seeing each other and the last time we've hung out together was on January 2014. Actually we have met before but it was accidentally meet, not in purpose. So, I will not count that as our first meeting after almost 3 years not seeing each other. At first, I didn't noticed it was you as I walked by near the road but then when I realized it was you, I was like pretending never saw you there as you're pretending never saw me too. I know that you're saw me at the first place before you started to turned away your face. I still remembered how you're turned away and how you're ignoring me. But I also do the same thing as you do to me and later on that night, I chat you to tell my dissatisfaction about that incident but you're not texting me back until now. Day by day, our relationship and friendship that we've built became slow and our conversations began to fades (like Faded, Alan Walker song). I feel sad and even angry when you're the one whose promised me to meet up but you're the one who's broken the promise. 

But thank you, I learned to see each friendship for the unique quality it offered me. Some friends were great for deep conversations and some were great for a night on the town.Our situation may taught me how to value what people had to give, even when it wasn’t all encompassing and seek out anything else I needed in other places. We have to forgive one another and seek fullness from within. Sometimes, I think of your laugh about old times and sharing great stories with each other. When I read back our old conversations, I can feel us reconnect again and I realizing that you've been so much motivated and also encouraged me during my hard times. Thank you so much for that. Now you're almost finished your study and I hope you will pass with flying colors on your final result. I know that you're doing fine out there. I love you, my friend and all we'd shared. Forgive me for being such a selfish friend, not fully understand you and your feelings. I wish our relationship and friendship could back like the old days where we are close and supporting each other.

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