Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Meet With Dre Drexler (Men's Lifestyle YouTuber)

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Have you guys ever heard about Dre Drexler or meet him on any social media ? I bet most of us had watched him on YouTube or Instagram (like me, hahaha). So, today I'm going to introduce you guys who's actually Dre Drexler is ? He's actually a Men's Lifestyle YouTuber which means he's do tutorial for men's hairstyle, men's haircut, men's product, skin care routine for men, men's fashion haul and last but not least is health and fitness. Besides, he's also a model for Model Mayhem and a husband to Bre Drexler. I absolutely loves with his style and I've been watch all his YouTube tutorials. He's actually giving a really good tips for young men especially in men's hair styling and haircut. Not just that, he's always give motivation before ended up his tutorial videos. His purpose on becoming Men's Lifestyle YouTuber is to motivate, inspire, and encourage people especially young men through his life journey. 

Dre Drexler's Profile
  • Name: Dre Drexler
  • Date of Birth: 02 July 1992
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Married
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Height: 5'9 @ 5'9.5 (175/177 cm)
  • Weight: 155 lbs (70kg)
  • Location: Corona, California
Dre Drexler Hairstyle

Dre Drexler Fashion Style

Dre Drexler and his wife, Bre Drexler

Let see what's other people say about him:

Dre Drexler - Men's Fashion, Hairstyle & Motivator
Written by Andre Vo (Slick Lord)
Published on 16 November 2015 
  • "Dre Drexler is a YouTuber that inspires many people with his motivational speeches, fashion trends and hairstyling tips. He is always providing his viewers with the latest fashion and hair trends ensuring that your wardrobe is always up to date.   It is not just his style that makes him well liked, but his enthusiasm and motivational speeches that makes him stand out from other YouTubers. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @DreDrexler.  In one of his "Monthly Favourites" video, you can see him rocking the SLICK LORD 14kt Gold Buddha Head with the Tiger Eye and Lava Stone beaded bracelet and the the Movember Edition Folding comb clipped to his nice floral shirt. See the video below."
Dre Drexler: YouTube Star
By FamousBirthdays.com
    • Men's style and fashion guru known for his self-titled YouTube channel. He specializes in hair styles and clothes, broadcasting his examples and advice to more than 180,000 subscribers. He has also made appearances on the men's style mega channel SlikhaarTV.
    • He started his career making music with iamDavidVo in the group Risen Tunes. The group released two full length albums before he made the transition to making YouTube videos.
    • He is a member of the collaborative YouTube channel Class Act Crew alongside Cam Cretney and iamDavidVo.
    • He has frequently featured his wife Bre in photos on his Instagram account.
    • WITH He has done hair tutorials inspired by stars like Justin Timberlake, Chris Pine, and Jaden Smith.
So, for those who's like to try a new hair styling or haircut, you guys can follow him on Twitter Dre Drexler @DreDrexler, Instagram Dre Drexler (@dredrexler) and also his YouTube Channel Dre Drexler (YouTube). Besides, you guys also can visit his website DreDrexler.com, his vlographer at Dre Drexler and his tumblr Dre Drexler. Okay, don't forget to follow him and watch out his new videos on every week. Okay, see you on the next entry. I've a surprise to share with all of you. *evil laugh.



    serious dia ni memang stylo TT_______TT

    1. Yes, Hafiz. Hahahaha. At first, I really thought that he's between 27 or 28 years old but he wasn't. He is the same age as me.