Monday, 21 November 2016

Casual Urban Look

Assalammualaikum guys :)

Sorry guys for take a long time to updating my blog. To be honest, I was so lazy to write up and updating my blog since I don't have any ideas what to write up and share. (*ideas, please come to me). Every time when my ideas are coming through and my fingers are ready to write up something, "pooooopppp", the ideas gone (*goodbye and so long). But today is a great news which I'm going to share something with you guys. Wuhuuuu. The ideas finally come, alhamdulillah. My topic for today is "Casual Urban Look" as you can see the title above but I don't know if the terms are really exist or I'm just creating a new term (eventually). Hahahaha. Actually I was really fun watching all my friends and all young men out there who's like to wear "Casual Urban Look" because it looks very modern and relaxes. Besides, I'm also trying this style but yet still need to buy and collect these items and also belum ada duit nak beli semua item ni. Hahahaha. Basically what you need is just a simple of:

1. T-Shirt (Much prefer on plain colors)
2. Chinos pants or any pants (Including jeans)
3. Sunglasses 
4. Watch
5. Sandals/Shoes

Casual Urban Look: Style 1

Casual Urban Look: Style 2

All these items you can get it from Zalora Malaysia (Men's Fashion). Bagi aku, untuk mengayakan kasual look ni, penampilan jangan terlalu over-drastik dengan pemakaian atau penggunaan aksesori yang terlalu banyak. Cukuplah hanya dengan memakai 1 atau pun 2 aksesori pun sudah cukup memadai. Aku pun bukan expert sangat pasal fashion ni dan masih jauh ketinggalan lagi, sangat jauh tapi aku cuba untuk catch up, bukanlah catch up apa pun, cukuplah tahu trend terkini even tak ikut pun. Lagipun, aku bukanlah jenis yang ikut season sebab cuaca di Malaysia hanya ada satu setengah musim ja pun iaitu panas dan lembap sepanjang tahun tapi selalunya panas melebihi lembap. Hehehehe. So, berpakaian kasual adalah menjadi kelaziman bagi penduduk Malaysia sebab cuaca yang panas tapi bukan bermaksud tidak boleh bergaya. Boleh, asalkan kena pada tempat dan yang paling penting sekali cuaca, memang tiada masalah. So, jangan lupa untuk try style ni dan kalau tak pun, create your own style but related to "Casual Urban Look". Suka hati aku ja kan buat term baru. Hahahaha. So, that's all for today. Adios.


  1. bro, keep it up posting in English. I really love to read any posting posted in English. So I waiting more English post from you. If that is the characteristic of Casual Urban Look, so my outfit can be categorized as Casual Urban Look. :D

    1. Hahahaha. My English is sucks but I will trying to improve it. And I don't know of the term are correct but lantaklah kan. We create other new term. Hahahaha. By the way, thanks Amer for reading this entry. :)

    2. It's ok, bro. As long as people understand what are you trying to deliver to them, that's more than enough. I have problem with my English too and still in a process to improve my grammar. Thanks for adding me up on your blog list. I'll do the same thing as a return. :D.

    3. Eyaps. Thank you so much for your support and insha-Allah we keeping improves ourself day by day. Btw, nice to know you.